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Homesongs (Domino)
by Tim Den

Most of the press that I've read for Homesongs eludes to "ethereal," "mosaic," and "dreaminess," but none actually describes the sounds and sonic workings of its anatomy. Calling it "folk" would surely conjure up the wrong comparisons (Peter Paul And Mary, Paul Simon)… so how 'bout we settle for John Martyn, Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, and Arab Strap? Okay, I know those are the exact names that the bio lists, but fuckin' A can those Domino dudes do up a press release. Frankly, it's right on the money. Hushed, velvety confessions draped atop lonesome acoustic pluckings, their only friend the bewildering prairie that stretches as far as the eye can see... not quite Americana, but with just as much inescapable somber-ness.

Much has been made about the fact that Homesongs is Adem's (Ilhan; bassist of instrumental prog rockers Fridge) first foray into singing. And a worthy fact it is, for much of the album's strength hangs on his inability to draw out overwrought, dramatic performances. Instead, his low-key softness creates an aura of its own, without needing exaggeration to convey crescendos. Somewhere in between the silences of his breath and tender arpeggios, Homesongs plants its roots in your soft spot.

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