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Revolutions (Columbia)
by Eric Chon

Turntablism has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years. With the release of the amazing documentary Scratch as well as a plethora of well-produced, high-profile DJ albums (Babu, Z-Trip, etc.), it's no wonder the wheels of steel are on the minds of many aspiring musicians today. But one cannot think about how far turntablism has come without looking at X-ecutioners, the first DJ group to release their own album and, thus, the first to pave the way for everyone else's (more) mainstream success.

Their breakout album, Built From Scratch, featured a great track collaboration with none other than Linkin Park, thrusting the DJs into the limelight and giving all the nü metal jock'n'rollers something new to chew on. On Revolutions, the X keep it real and up the ante. They make a bid to be even bigger in the mainstream front… to the sound of a lot of die-hard fans yelling "sell out!"

But using established MTV talent doesn't automatically mean mediocrity. Surprisingly, it's the tracks that don't feature any extra talent - where the X kick it on their own - that are weak. Well, weaker than they should be, anyway. It's the wide selection of MCs and rockers that truly allow Rob Switft, Roc Raida, and Total Eclipse to stretch their limbs and kick some ass. Even Rob Zombie's "More Human Than Human" gets super-funktafied, giving them another crossover hit that should draw people away from Limp Bizkit and Korn and their "DJs."

Deep with old-school beats and inventive twists, X-ecutioners have turned popular music on its head once again. At first listen, Revolutions is great party music grooves and beats that won't quit. But as you continue to x-plore their sonic landscape, be prepared to be schooled.


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