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Gimme Skelter | review | compilation | Lollipop

Gimme Skelter


by Craig Regala

I'm tired. Just trust me on this. This comp was done by the jabbering blabdogs over at Buddyhead to TRY to shoe-horn "taste" into your "head." It may fail, but it doesn't mean this disc doesn't scan a decent spectrum of rock-related blat you need to hear. Coming from an awareness that forced'm to run down Raymond Pettibon (I can't even explain how eye/culture-twitching his books are to me: Check his Black Flag LP covers for cursory evidence), and cop Suicide's first LP, Running Blood, design for visuals, the B'head team has assembled a disc of semi-popular gribble that encompasses differing rock quality not found on the radio dial. It could inhabit the general consciousness if dumbo reality would relax a touch and accept some "stuff" that lives next door.

Here're the names: Mudhoney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (fucking great track), Pleasure Forever, Burning Brides, Primal Scream, Your Enemies Friends, indie/stoner heroes Dead Meadow, The Starvations, Beehive + The Barracudas, Le Tigre, Radio Vaga, Wire (yes, the force that twisted many a dome in the late '70s), Cave In, Weezer (good tune, honest!), The Icarus Line, Shat (this unit knows the ins and outs of desire like few do), Nurdwuar, and Mr. I. Pop, a fine narrator.

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