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Thulsa Doom | and then take you to a place where jars are kept | review | rock | Lollipop

Thulsa Doom

...and then take you to a place where jars are kept (This Dark Reign)
By Craig Regala

Sorry, I'm a true school open-eared rock guy - not new, old, middle, or avant school - just a rock guy. These guys heave a chunk through the plate glass window stoner rock stares through checking out kickass. Sometimes they do the fast rocker'n'roll thing that Rickshaw, RPG, and Electric Frankenstein heisted from Thin Lizzy's "Thunder and Lightning" or AC/DC's "Rocker." Sometimes they burrow into the sand dunes of U.S. SouthWest molten groove and translate it to snow dune action like the "3 Gs": Generous Maria, Greenleaf, and Grand Magus. Then they twist you up and go Steppenwolf/Segar System soul on y'all: Organ, manly singer, swaying tempos, the whole deal. Check "Shot by Both Sides" and "Generation 71," I dare ya. Pair'm with their U.S. brethern Bad Wizard and let'm loose on a two-year tour. If they'd only cover Joe Perry's "Let the Music Do the Talkin'."
(PO Box 30666 Long Beach, CA 90853)  

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