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The Start | Death Via Satellite | review | ounk | Lollipop

The Start

Death Via Satellite (Nitro)
By Evan Solochek

For a guy who loves nothing more than to go to a show with a few friends and dance his little scenester heart out without being confounded with any musical messages or meanings, The Start is the perfect little band. Sultry vocals, choppy beats, and pure sexuality pour out of this little 25-minute EP. They are The Gossip without the blues riffs, The Faint without the electro/Goth overtones, and The (International) Noise Conspiracy without the politics. While actual musical merit might be lacking on this album, for me, that's not a problem. The Start are the ideal band to see live or to hear at a club, however, they're not a band whose album you buy and listen to repeatedly as a means of emotional release or guidance. They're fun and not deep, and that's perfectly fine with me. Not every band can be Death Cab For Cutie.
(7071 Warner Ave. F-736 Huntington Beach, CA 92647)


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