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We Are (What's Next)
By Craig Regala

Chopping a bit of Motörhead speed into powerhawg bellbottomed Nixon-era lines will spin your head just right. A couple Sabbath covers - as obvious as they are correct - and enough dynamics and songwriting to make'm more than a genre exercise. Bass player's good enough to do the fancy pants stuff Dust and Captain Beyond did over here in the USA when The Tommy Iommi Experience were smelting Birmingham pig-iron into the most real thing the early '70s had to offer. A suggestion? Ditch the Sabbath covers and dig out some of the stuff on the Monster Records roster. It's less Gothic and more organically humming than Geezer and the boys, and as good as they are, more appropriate to the "There" zeitgeist. Dunno if they're friends with Lamont (not that they sound like'm), but those guys are good friends with Black Mountain Creeper here in Ahia, and There would be a good bill with those guys. Tell ya what, the recording on this is as good as that Kiss Alive! thing.

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