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Live In A Dive (Fat)
By Duke Crevanator

I admit I was disappointed when I realized this was a live CD from the UK's version of Subhumans, not the Canadian version. Those Canadian Subhumans recorded arguably the greatest song of all time with "Slave to my Dick." There are millions of punks from the '80s who swear that song was written about them, but I'm pretty sure it was about yours truly. Anyway, it's hardly suprising that the UK Subhumans (most of the time now members of Citizen Fish) have reformed on occassion to play live. They're much more intelligent and far more talented than the vast majority of politically-motivated bands that their music has spawned over the last 20 years. The live recording is pretty decent, and it covers the full range of their career. You get 26 tracks and 68 minutes of music, so you're definitely not getting ripped off in terms of content. And I have to give these guys their props: They sound just as strong in the last song as they do in the first. They're true pros. As a bonus, if you put this in your PC, you get a six-minute video featuring a live song followed by a series of brief interviews with the band. The best part of which is when Dick explains the details of "Subvert City." It's definitely worth checking out.
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