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Speedealer | Bleed | interview | Jeff Hirshberg | rock | Lollipop


Bleed (Dead Teenager)
An interview with guitarist/vocalist Jeff
By Craig Regala

Speedealer is a band in the best American tradition: Physically engaged and crafted for impact. Hammering together a fast rocker bottom with an aggro-attack vocal/guitar presence push rock and roll hard, upping the anti while remaining anchored to it. "IT," you say? Well, I'll ask'm, they may not answer, cuz really it's for them to provide and you to procure.

Do you wanna answer the "it" question?
We're in Europe right now (Utrecht, NL), so I'll have to make it short-ish due to the expense of the Internet cafe. Not sure what the question is, really, but I'll give it a shot: If you mean by "it," that no matter where we go musically, our basic formula for making rock holds true to its roots; I'd say you're making sense.

Is there a "Speedealer ethic"? It seems there needs to be some guiding power, some invisible hand that keeps you going.
I believe the ethic lies in a sense of workmanship and integrity; That you have to wholly believe in what it is you do. Anything less is unacceptable.

As fast as you guys get, you never overrun the backbone of the rhythm an adherence to the groove. I'm thinking of "Choked" off Bleed.
We try to keep it in the pocket most times, which is the key no matter the tempo. Although there are nights that we're more train-wreck than pocket.

You guys are on the road a lot. Can you do the Motörhead thing and knock out 30 years? Would you want to? I assume there's has been some craziness along the way that could derail your focus; Mormon strippers covered in pudding, etc.
I'm not sure about the other guys, but I doubt I could do it as long as, say, Motörhead. I have other things I'd like to accomplish in life. All the crazy and ridiculous things that occur are indeed part of the greater experience, hence they neither detract nor distract. They actually enhance it, make it all the more worthwhile.

Would you rather play a "metal" identified or "punk" identified show? Is there a difference in the shows and peoples response?
Truthfully, it doesn't matter as long as they're into the music.

You made Bleed in a day and a half, all in single takes; I think that'd be a good challenge to many bands…
I think the reason many smaller bands such as ourselves use ProTools, etc. is because it's actually cheaper than going analog. Having done both types of recordings, going the old-fashioned way is definitely the way to do it… indeed.

If you could take three other bands from any time in history out on tour, who would it be and why?
Zeke, Fu Manchu, and Bad Wizard. Because there's nothing better than going out on tour with your good friends.


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