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Bleed (Dead Teenager)
By Craig Regala

Shit-hot "live-in-one-take" disc from one of the world's foremost flamethrower aggropunk-rock units. Loading the cannon Motörhead forged out of fast acid boogie, primal early rock and roll, punk dynamism, and metal chomp with bloody chunk after bloody chunk of elbow-throwing kickass. Very specific (and really, very pure), this stuff is uncut, often very similar to Bay Area thrash (first generation), Dwarves' Blood Guts & Pussy, the first Ramones record, Johnny Burnette Trio, Little Richard, etc. You either dig it or ya don't. The speed's set on fast in the classique '50s thru '80s punk continuum. As "punk" was always formed of "rock," in that time, that's a-ok, huh? Being good, American boys, they learned their craft and became better and better players, one of many (Zeke or The Glasspack, anyone?) who can inject metal alloy when necessary without changing form a bit. Betcha a 4-oz. shot of Jack they can do a half dozen Poison Idea covers from memory.
(1501 First Ave North B Seattle, WA 98109)  

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