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Sluts Of Trust | We Are All | review | rock | Lollipop

Sluts Of Trust

We Are All (Chemikal Underground)
by Craig Regala

This whole rocker classique/spazz wave mix is the right good damn thing. Taking the orthodox guitar tweaking delineated by Edward Van Halen and such in the old days and spiking it through the post-punk herk 'n' jerk of those same old days (even as the camps were basically opposed. And trust me they were: I got thrown down steps twice fer stylistically inferring "herk 'n' jerks" cultural viability) is using the available musical language to full advantange. More than anything, these guys play ass on fire, ass smoldering, ass relaxing rock and roll that anyone who owned a Scratch Acid, Silverfish, Brainiac, Make-Up, Means, or …Trail of Dead disc could latch onto. Current references abound, but the band I wanna see'm with the most would have to be The Giraffes. Both bands rock out, have a sense of dynamics, know when to hold back for creative tension, and have strolling lizard-lunged singers.

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