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Scatter The Ashes | Devout Modern Hymn | review | metal | Lollipop

Scatter The Ashes

Devout/Modern Hymn (Epitaph)
by Ewan Wadharmi

A lot of folks are describing Scatter The Ashes as Cave In with dreamy Cure echoes. There's something to that, but what puts the kibosh on it are the airy arrangements and tricky rhythms emphasizing the third beat. Strip off the crunchy Converge riffing and you're staring at a jazz record. You heard right, jazz. Asymmetrical meandering fusion whose only chorus is a guitar pedal. Don't expect hooks or memorable melodies under the George Michael meets Sam Kinnison vocals. Instead, we've got complicated noodling that can't support its own unbalanced weight. Case in point, the Dotsero stylings on "Affinity." The lyrics are intelligent sermons delivered with a decent amount of fire. Drummer Dillon Napier demonstrates great skill, but does enough back-peddling to pull the rug out from under the drive. Odds are he indulges in smiling solos featuring ferocious stick-twirling. This is a gateway band to Spyro Gyra. It's different all right, about as satisfying as a dinner of salad and tea. Enjoy the meatier portions and take just enough of the roughage to keep you regular.


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