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Regenerated X (Archetype Multimedia)
By Wa

Some bands, no matter how good they are, just never seem able to make the leap into the public consciousness. Case in point, the exceptional EBM/dance music of Regenerator, a band that's been around long enough to warrant the release of a "Best of" compilation entitled Regenerated X. This, the US version, offers 15 definitive remixes of their most classic tracks from a career that has spanned seven albums and over a decade of performances. As an additional bonus, the previously unreleased Lights of Euphoria version of "Organism" from the forthcoming CD Disease was also added. [Note: This version differs from the exclusive issue #64 Lollipop mp3 compilation version.]

The remixers are a dream team of notable electro Goth bands both new and old. Notable mixes include Razed in Black's "Blink (rave in black mix)," Assemblage 23's "Take Me (aether mix)," Front 242's "Everyone Follow (orgazmix)," Clan of Xymox's "Lightbringer (clandestiny mix)," and Purr Machine's "Drug (feel good mix)." Also providing remixes are Observe & Control, Koito, Bigod 20, Epsilon Minus, Dust of Basement, Vultures, SD6, Collide, Attrition, and Divider.

If this album doesn't catch the ear of the dancing masses, nothing will.


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