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Quintaine Americana | Dark Thirty | review | rock | Lollipop

Quintaine Americana

Dark Thirty (Curve of the Earth)
By Scott Hefflon

Dark Thirty starts off strong, but gets bogged down after a while in sludgy mid-tempo yowl, kinda like latter-day Clutch. But the opening few tracks are as good as fellow Bostonians Lamont or Scissorfight, and that's the bar-slappin' goods, ya know? Production is as thick as steak, and just as juicy with blood. Quintaine Americana is catchy without being sissy, powerful without being dumb-ass simple, and the first three tunes - "Hitchhiker in Black," "Bad Enough," and "Then One More" - are all worth putting on a mix CD with other hard rockin' faves more concerned with rockin' ass than posing for photoshoots.


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