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Scorpio Rising (Locomotive)
By Tim Den

For once, a reunited old timer deserves to be back. Prong's first studio album since '96's underrated Rude Awakening, Scorpio Rising sounds not a day older than when the band left off. Punishing grooves laced with industrial triggers, meaty guitars, dark melodies barked from the throat of guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor. It's as if the band never stopped. Even with a completely new line-up, Prong's re-emergence easily squashes the current trend of beat-happy metal bands. After all, Cleansing led the way for stuff like Static-X (for better or worse), and when have Prong ever let us down? From the gleaming production value to the infectious hooks, Scorpio Rising announces Prong's return in a big way. Get ready for the ascension.

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