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Premonitions of War | Left in Kowloon | review | metal | Lollipop

Premonitions of War

Left in Kowloon (Victory)
By Adrian Bromley

Premonitions of War's debut for Victory is one of the few records in the last while that has left me tired and bewildered after a few listens. Punishing, grinding hardcore done with such ferocious, and head-down momentum that sitting through a listen or two can weigh heavily on your nerves. And I've seen these guys live too: Not for the faint of heart. My only complaint about the record is that a lot of the music sounds the same and some listeners may have a hard time differentiating tracks, but I guess when you want to bowl people over with a gargantuan heapage of noise and emotion, trying to spruce up and attract attention seems almost useless. Heavy, heavy stuff!

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