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Nocturnal Rites | New World Messiah | review | metal | Lollipop

Nocturnal Rites

New World Messiah (Century Media)
By Daniel Lukes

It's no secret that for a long while now, the key to a successful power metal album is sticking close to the rules, which means: Vocals as Dickinsonian as possible, the odd nod to Queensrÿche-esque askewery and an ambiguous flirtation with religious/historical imagery, preferably of the Hollywood kind. Oh, and that small matter of uncritical Maiden/Priest worship whenever and wherever possible. New World Messiah, the sixth album from Swedish sextet Nocturnal Rites has all this, and, erm, not much more. Keyboards parp, lead guitars unravel triumphantly, Johnny Lindqvist's vocals "soar"… and then we get taken to Ancient Egypt on the suitably-Eastern-sounding "Egyptica" before being whisked off to a typically upbeat sonic version of the Apocalypse for "End Of Days."

Everything here is in place for those who like their power metal predictable, safe, and by-the-book. So let's put it this way: If you've heard this album a million times before in a million similar guises from a million similar-sounding bands, you won't mind hearing it again. That's who New World Messiah is meant for.

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