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Most Precious Blood | Our Lady of Annihilation | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Most Precious Blood

Our Lady of Annihilation (Trustkill)
By Tim Den

If you think Most Precious Blood is just the sequel to Indecision... well, you'd be right. Except unlike most sequels, Most Precious Blood outshine their former incarnation in every way, especially in terms of maturity. These guys (now featuring new vocalist Rob Fusco) have played and been actively involved in hardcore for so long now that every breakdown and chug just sounds natural. Effortlessly crushing, if you will. From a doomy noisefest into a swaggering waltz ("Funeral Photography"), a supercharger into a slow grinder ("It Runs in the Blood"), a punker into a melodic singalong ("Your Picture Hung Itself"), it's as if Most Precious Blood wrote the damn handbook on how to kick metalcore ass. And taking into account their hands-on ethic (DIY silk screening of shirts, passing out social awareness pamphlets at shows, supporting PETA through promotional campaigns, and - in the case of guitarist/backup vocalist Rachel - championing female involvement in the male-dominated genre) and above-average intelligence (great lyrics, literate mindset, not to mention a medical examiner within their ranks), there is no doubt that Most Precious Blood are the only NYHC band (apart from Sick Of It All, of course) that matter. This is what hardcore is all about and what the rest of the genre should be about.
(23 Farm Edge Lane Tinton Falls, NJ 07724)

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