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Mind In A Box | Lost Alone | review | electro | Lollipop

Mind In A Box

Lost Alone (Metropolis)
by Wa

Mind In A Box's debut album, Lost Alone, is comprised of complex songs about getting outside the rules we set for ourselves. It's presented with flawless production, crafty beats, seductive bass, and delightful synth lines in the shape of future pop, Eurodance, and trance arrangements. Processed vocals perform lyrics that are succinct, leaving a largely atmospheric place of contemplation for the listening. Images are not spelled out, but rather suggested.

Stev, the largely mysterious performer and songwriter of Mind In A Box, borrowed skillfully from his experience as a longtime video game music composer. The result yields a tender longing upheld by a beautiful set of trance compositions. Perfect for use as a soundtrack for long driving explorations into the middle of nowhere while you contemplate the self. If his task was to create a conceptual story, he succeeded only marginally. While songs share similar sounds thematically, the unity of lyrics seems rather amorphous at best.

Suggested tracks are "Light and Dark," "Falling," "Walking," and "Take My Soul." Lost Alone is an excellent debut for an artist with great promise for artistic growth.

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