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Les Savy Fav | Inches | review | alternative | Lollipop

Les Savy Fav

Inches (French Kiss)
by Evan Solochek

Les Savy Fav's latest release was nine years in the making. Billed as the band's second coherent idea – the first being their name – Inches is a concept album of historical progression. A gimmick of either pure brilliance or pure arrogance, Les Savy Fav has spent the better part of the last decade releasing nine different 7" singles – each on a different independent label – with the hope of, in time, creating a single entity that encapsulated their musical evolution. Inches is just that. Assembled in reverse order of original release, it takes the listener on a journey of musical regression. You can distinctly hear Les Savy Fav's tight and intelligent brand of art-rock devolve into their raw, noise-obsessed roots.

Born amongst the narrow, winding roads of Providence, Rhode Island, maturated at the famed Rhode Island School of Design, and seasoned in the bitterly hip expanses of Brooklyn, New York, Les Savy Fav has progressed into a distinct entity that refuses to be saddled by Fugazi comparisons or their New York art-rock label. Throwing off the shackles of indie rock pretension, Les Savy Fav exudes substance over style. You will not find any trendy threads or brooding poses, only urgent vocals over fractured beats and slashing guitars. Inches is a compelling and unique chronicle of the growth and development of one of the most abrasive, murky, and distinctive bands around.

In a musical world where most fans lament the musical growth and evolution of their favorite band, Inches is a testament to the ills of artistic stagnation, as well as strong evidence that perhaps brilliance and arrogance are just two intrinsic ingredients of greatness.


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