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Kid606 | Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You | review | rock | Lollipop


Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (Ipecac)
By Tim Den

Kid606 is everything people say he is. Confident in his abilities (some call it arrogance) to dish out juxtaposed beats and noises like an epileptic switchboard; always challenging IDM conventions by never doing the expected. And on this, his second full-length for Ipecac, he seems bent on never letting the listener hang on to any one musical theme or message. It's all blurry traffic: Colors and shapes zooming by so fast, you have no idea what just happened at the end of each song. Breakneck beats, echo-y voice samples, dirty techno kicks... sometimes the randomness becomes the point of the song. Maybe that's a good thing to some, but personally, I've always enjoyed method with my madness. That's not to say the Kid isn't a master at cramming everything under the sun into explosion-laden mindfucks, you just might not be able to sit through an entire album's worth.
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