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Joe Coffee | Bright As The Stars Were Under | review | punk | Lollipop

Joe Coffee

Bright As The Stars We're Under (Street Anthem)
By Duke Crevanator

Anyone hoping that Paul Bearer is fronting a Sheer Terror clone is in for a big shock. He's letting ST fans know he's moving on from that period of his life. This record can be described with a phrase I thought I would never stoop to using as a descriptor, but here it is... "ecletic." From the near-creepy ballad-like "Staten Island Serenade," to the quasi-ST hardcore of "Rooftop Rendevous," to an almost '80s rock tune in "Coke and Sympathy," to the near poppy-punk of "Stink of Love," you've got it all.

If you're not aware, Paul Bearer is a great writer (prose and lyrics) and that shows in Joe Coffee's songs. They're heartfelt, and every song tells a story, and a pretty detailed one at that. The music is also very well done, showing the band's talent at playing quite a variety of styles. Guitarist Ray Canapini especially stands out. He also produced the record, and deserves for kudos for an excellent job. With all the different styles, it takes a good ear to get the consisent sound quality of this record.

With all that said, Bright as the Stars We're Under isn't really my cup of tea. I WANTED to like it. I didn't hate it by any means. However, I played it for three friends (two female and one male) and they all LOVED it. So my misgivings may just be me. And I have a feeling after a week or two it'll grow on me.
(6201 15th Ave. NW #B306 Seattle, WA 98107)


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