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Jesus And The Devil | Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light | review | rock | Lollipop

Jesus And The Devil

Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light (Fudge Sickill)
by Craig Regala

Got sent this one cold. I like it a bunch when that happens: Get something, spin it, go "cool!" And then tell you, the huddled masses. So masses, here you get a band working a basically melodic mid-tempo rock that moves outside of rote "we like the Stooges" bar wipe, but doesn't artificially look to be "different." That's good 'cause it's just reactionary and as pale as trying to find out the sales formula to "reach the kids." Fuck the kids, they're smart enough to not be patronized. And if not, fuck them anyway. The tunes are here, so it's gotta be as easy to like as, say, Jet or Dashboard Confessional, right?

Name-checking Black Rebel Motorcycle Club might be reaching, but it works, and chucks a known quantity into their energetic '80s garagist hum. Slot these guys on a mix CDR of Plexi, My Dad Is Dead, That Petrol Emotion, Division of Laura Lee, '80s Matchbox, Puddy, …Trail of Dead, DC To Daylight, Cursive, Six By Seven, The Dismemberment Plan, and other a-okay'ers. Fer Christ's sake, will ya spend a couple a bucks here?

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