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In Strict Confidence

Holy (Metropolis)
By DJ Carrion

Improving with every album, Dennis Ostermann releases sonic masterpieces wrapped around the theme of the album title. Holy is an 11-track collection exploring the effects of religion on various aspects of life, as well as pain and love, which are constant themes of In Strict Confidence. "Eye of Heaven" begins the journey with a swirl of droning, crunchy guitars and snarling, gravelly vocals.

The club hit, "Babylon" (which received two discs worth of remixes by L'ame Immortelle, Hecq, and Olaf Wollschlager, producer of this album, Melotron, Paradise Lost, and Yellow), appears here in its original form, a melodic composition with vocals in German.

In the past, many female guests have lent their voices to numerous songs, but none have worked so well as Chandeen's Antje Schulz, who helps bring out the full potential of "Heal Me" and "Sleepless." Even with so many guest vocalists, this album is well-balanced and executed sharply.

I heard a rumor that "Another Night" sampled a Megadeth guitar riff, and if this is true, it fits the aggressive emotion of the song well.

Ending the journey is "Alpha Centuri," a near 15-minute instrumental, leaving you with only your own thoughts as you ponder the messages of Holy.
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