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Impaled Nazarene | All That You Fear | review | metal | Lollipop

Impaled Nazarene

All That You Fear (Osmose/The End)
By Scott Hefflon

Thanks to the good folks at The End for bringing Impaled Nazarene to a larger audience in the States. Well-known and respected in the underground for over a decade, these misanthropes have always had the good sense to blend punk (real punk: The destructive, chaotic stuff, not the milk-fed'n'mother-approved stuff that makes glossy mag covers), thrash, scorching solos, and blackened howls into their assault. All That You Fear is the clearest Impaled Nazarene release yet, but the "necro" sound is revered in some circles, and those are the circles IN runs. So purists may turn up their noses, but many with a taste for black, thrash, and Hail! metal will love this cuz it doesn't sound like shit.
(331 Rio Grande #58 SLC, UT 84101)  

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