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The Arrival (Nuclear Blast)
By Martin Popoff

At this point, you're either vaguely pleased with the comfortable, no-surprises feeling you get when you listen to Peter churn those Gothic chords that once strafed In Flames albums, along, of course, with all the Hypocrisy albums from the second two-thirds of the catalogue. That is my favorite part of The Arrival (these songs sound like a big old wooden ship creaking), along with a sometimes ambivalent feeling about Tägtgren's caustic caw. But these are also dismal dismissal points. The Arrival contains (defiantly?) nothing new, Peter going for his tried-and-true yet shrieky and fatiguing screechy production, a re-use of alien themes, and, like I said, those vocals and those almost doomy tower of power chords. I can't exult, nor can I wholly dismiss. After all, through tireless, arcing revisitations, Peter has cornered his own boxed off and boxy, hungover and headbanging metal turf.
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