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Horror Pops

Hell Yeah (Hellcat)
By Grady Gadbow

I hadn't chewed any actual bubblegum in a long time, so I went down and ripped some off from the Plaid Pantry. It's sweet sticky stuff, and sometimes there's goop in the middle. It's good and all, but the flavor goes out of it pretty fast, and after thirteen pieces, I'd had about enough. If you like bubblegum, more power to ya. Me, I'd rather have a chili dog, or some Jiffy Pop, or a dizzy spell.

With poppy polka beats and smarmy female vocals, Horror Pops sounds like No Doubt doing rockabilly covers, except for the one I think is actually a Britney Spears song. Most of the lyrics are about fashion, and no, I don't mean fashion as a metaphor: I mean the songs are about clothes and hair and stuff. Yeah... I really hoped the 13th track would be rad cuz it's called "Horror Beach." I imagined a really inspired zombie ballad on the high seas or something. I hoped for something more than fake Link Ray and the words horror beach.

In the not too distant future, I suspect the Horror Pops will have their own TV advertisement in which cartoon action merchandising figurines line up and sound off: "Ska! Rockabilly! Surf! Pop! Collect all four! Accessories sold separately batteries not included, not to be taken internally. In studies, side effects were similar to bubble gum."
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