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Herod | For Whom The Gods Would Destroy | review | metal | Lollipop


For Whom The Gods Would Destroy (LifeForce)
By Martin Popoff

Buffalo, NY's Herod actually have a punk past, but man, have they mastered metal... This bloody thing just leaps off the plastic with a recording that has more punch than Andy Sneap knob-jobbing after a bottle of Jack. And the music is worthy of the production bombast, Herod creating a gorgeous combination of Swedish thrash, Finnish drear/thrash/doom and... hard to pin... but all the things that made Metallica great, sorta in a space between Master... and ...And Justice... Vocalist Judah Nero croons a bit like Hetfield, and the riffs... man, check out "Revelations" or "I Will" for something that possesses the excitement you felt when you first heard "Seek and Destroy," but with a sensibility up there among The Crown or The Haunted. And not an ounce of punk anywhere, unless you accept a bit of a Shadows Fall comparison (see "Into the Sky"). Killer stuff, ornate yet loose, melodic yet so knowing of European metal's push-worthy buttons.


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