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Hatebreed | Rise of Brutality | review | hardcore | Lollipop


The Rise of Brutality (Universal)
By Adrian Bromley

2002's Perseverance was a great album. It was fast, furious, a fist to the face of mainstream music, but it was still palatable to a crossover audience. Hatebreed was everywhere in 2002: Tours with Slayer, magazine covers, and praise worldwide for such a powerful and honest record. While singer Jamey Jasta and the boys still lead their charge with fists out and heads down in 2004, it isn't hard to notice that the music has become a bit safer and toned down. Sure, the abrasive edge and deafening riffs are present, but the songs about "blood, sweat, and tears" and "going up against those who try to hold us back" seem a tad bit rehashed. I love "Straight to Your Face" and "Another Day, Another Vendetta," but other than that, this dose of brutality leaves me wanting more.

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