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Get Fucked | review | metal | Lollipop

Get Fucked

(Level Plane)
by Adrian Bromley

With a name like Get Fucked – not to mention members from Lickgoldensky and Turmoil – one can easily come to the conclusion of what is going on here. Get Fucked are as brutal as things get these days. Not to say that they play the fastest guitars, have the most punishing grooves, or have piercing screams that send stray dogs running. It's the manner in which these Philly natives muscle up their aggression and creativity into a ballbusting wall-of-noise. Opening tracks "Inside The 8lb. Dorm Fire" and "Recipe For Patio Pieces" are fierce, and if you can't digest those two, then you might as well put on another CD, cuz Get Fucked never let up their intensity. The raw, live feel of this record adds some meat to the punishing blows. If you walk away from a listen without a bruise or scratch, consider yourselves lucky!

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