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Insanity Later (Triple Crown)
by Ewan Wadharmi

"It is better for a person to encounter a mother bear being robbed of her cubs, than to meet a fool in his folly." Proverbs 17:12

I guess the heshers have tired of meshing nü metal with hip hop and are moving on to bastardize ska. Not that it's a completely novel concept: Bosstones went the other way, adding AC/DC riffs to their madness. And everyone from The Police to The Clash and Sublime have tasted of the Two-Tone fruit. So why not a thrash band? I'll tell you why, because they throw it in as thoughtlessly as a sampled movie clip.

Amidst the hardcore chugging and Disturbed barking, the intrusion is as jarring as if it were a banjo. Aside from this cultural anomaly, the real pity is that the spewing screamo belies the notable lyrics. Heady stuff like, "Falsity is bludgeoning every inch of our being/so quit fashioning the black metaphors, Model X/it's time to have sex with your masterpiece." Too bad the consideration wasn't given to crafting a decent vessel for these bizarre rantings.

It's evident that Folly is squandering their gifts on a trite form. Even the mild attempt at humor, "I've Been Running For Miles, Davis!," suggests a cleverness which they are unwilling to share on this outing, as the lyrics and tone are as overly serious as my puffed-up pontification. My recommendation to Folly is to study the work of Portugul's Primitive Reason for better blending techniques than Bob Ross.


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