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Fireworks Go Up | Youre Welcome | review | alternative | Lollipop

Fireworks Go Up!

You're Welcome (Baryon)
by Tim Den

Not only are Fireworks Go Up! led by guitarist/vocalist Dan Coutant (ex-Joshua), one of the more articulate/intelligent jagged-pop writers to come along in the past five years, the band's first release is on producer/engineer John Agnello's (Patti Smith, Dinosaur Jr., Jawbox, Roseanna Cash, Jay Farrar) new imprint. These facts alone warrant a rave, but really, the music is as good as (if not better than) anything Joshua ever did. Agnello's production has brought out the most imaginative chord changes Coutant has ever penned, not to mention stellar vocal performances that pack a wealth of surprises. These are fabulous post-post-punk gems that deliver as much of pop's essence as Foo Fighters or The Fire Theft. A must.


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