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Federico Aubele | Granhotelbuenosaires | review | alternative | Lollipop

Federico Aubele

Granhotelbuenosaires (ESL)
by Tim Den

Word has it that Federico Aubele sent an unsolicited demo to Thievery Corporation, and impressed the duo so much that they not only signed him to their ESL imprint, but produced his record at their studio as well. Granhotelbuenosaires sounds exactly like how the story would turn out: Latino rhythms, instrumentation, atmosphere, and occasional prose backed by Thievery Corporation beats. It makes you think of old Cuban men playing dominos under the sun, fruit vendors working the street corners, and warm, breezing nights on the beach (starting to remind me of my hometown of Miami). And, of course, it's also terribly sophisticated fun. Whether you're sweating out a night's worth of alcohol on the dance floor or browsing the stores on Fifth Avenue, somehow the sound of Federico Aubelle always makes sense.

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