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Delirium Cordia (Ipecac)
by Tim Den

The ever contorting face that is Fantômas has put on yet another new expression for Delirium Cordia. And, this time, I really can't bare to look.

I consider myself a maniacal Mike Patton fan. But Fantômas has never tickled me in the right way. All the ingredients and ideas sound brilliant – Patton writing and "directing" his most experimental nightmares – but the results have always strained to make any sort of impact. The debut was a hellish soundtrack filled with atonal interruptions, the follow-up was a covers album (albeit a good one), and neither really begged to be experienced more than once. On Delirium Cordia, however, you'll be lucky if you make it through the first listen.

At 74+ minutes, the ONE song that is the album strives to be ambient, "moody," violent, seductive, strange, and unpredictable within its multiple "movements," but it really just sounds like a song off of the debut being stretched out. There really isn't any need for most of the sonic themes here to be over-extended. It tests your patience without rewarding your effort. And while many other experimental outfits (Boredoms, for example) have semi-successfully tackled similar obstacles in the past, Fantômas don't yield any sort of emotional response with Delirium Cordia. There's simply annoyance and a feeling that your time is being wasted.

Shame, cuz an album this grotesquely beautiful in packaging (see it for yourself) deserves equally mesmerizing music. Unfortunately, the only music found here are pointless excursions and meandering stream-of-consciousness scribbles.
(PO Box 1197 Alameda, CA 94501)

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