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Zeke you! (Dead Teenager)
by Duke Crevanator

This is for die-hard Zeke fans only. It's pretty entertaining and covers a ton of live shows between 1996 and 2001, however, all the shows (except for a bonus feature) were recorded on a variety of home video recorders. Needless to say, in a lot of cases, the sound and/or video quality is hardly professional grade. However, it's not necessarily awful (although in a couple of cases, it truly is). Between live sets, there's also a lot of footage from hotel rooms, vans, parking lots, etc. Some of it is pretty amusing, in other cases, it's just lame. The material here covers the entire range of Zeke's releases, so you won't be left wanting on that front.

My favorite part is in the bonus features: A professionally-videotaped performance of Zeke in 1996 in Seattle. Ironically, if you watch that first (as I did), the difference in sound and video is striking and makes the remainder of the DVD a tad disappointing.

If you're a huge Zeke fan, this is definitely worth the purchase. Otherwise, I'd pass and buy all their records first.
(1501 First Ave North B Seattle, WA 98109)

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