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Urban Street Bike Warriors | review | dvd | Lollipop

Urban Street Bike Warriors

by Eric Johnson

Far from a generic extreme sports video, Urban Street Bike Warriors is a snapshot of the razor-thin edge between burgeoning grassroots extreme sport athletes and ordinary street thugs. Considerably more exciting and fun than any of the motorcycle sports embraced by ESPN 2, these street bike guys do some crazy, suicidal shit, stuff you've only seen in movies under extremely-controlled conditions. On city streets, country roads, and interstate highways, they're comfortable enough in the saddle to coax tricks out of their modified rice burners that would put the Lippizanner stallions to shame. I couldn't believe the shit these guys do, standing bolt upright on the seat, poppin' wheelies so high that sparks fly as the brake light scrapes the pavement, even holding the handlebars and hoppin' to either side of the bike like a rodeo acrobat. The film profiles just under a dozen clubs from just about every ethnic background and region of the country. The bikers seem considerably older, more enthusiastic, and philosophical about their place in the world than the callous, sneering professionals depicted in The End. Halfway between documentary and trick video, Urban Street Bike Warriors was made by and features a large group of people with great enthusiasm for a sport that may or may not catch on. I had a blast watching it, and if you want to see some raw, crazy shit (and not all edited to make its subjects look cool), check this out.

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