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The First Punkervision Comp! (Punkervision)
by Tim Den

Even though the cover of this thing screams "amateur," it's all pro once you get inside. Crystal-clear live sets by Diesel Boy, Fleshies, The Line, Blocko, Degrassi... but who cares about them, cuz I know you're looking for the heavyweights. Supersuckers rip shit up like they always do, Atom & His Package make even the most tattooed emocore boy sing along to juvenile lyrics, Good Clean Fun pack as much humor into hardcore as sheer force, Boris The Sprinkler roars with speed and hilarity, and Propagandhi still reign as the most relevant punk band today. Not only do they pull off all their tech-y songs flawlessly, they write 'em and rock 'em with heart, brains, muscles, and irreverence. Ah, what a combination. And at this top notch video/audio quality, how can you lose? Ya can't. So pick this up already, cuz I doubt you'd be able to find Propagandhi documented any better.

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