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CKY | Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild | review | dvd | Lollipop


Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild (Island)
by Chad Van Wagner

Twelve music videos, plus a bonus DVD of CKY stuff. I'm a man who likes his metal with a lot of sludge and some heavy chemical influence, so the shiny skater metal of CKY isn't really up my alley. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the showcase video, "Escape From Hellview," which is essentially a "slasher in the woods" mini-film set to music. It's low budget, it's senselessly gory, and it didn't make me roll my eyes once. Quality.

The package in general is an ode to "low" culture, with splatter flicks, cheesy '80s references, and appearances by such luminaries as Bam Margera (whose brother Jess is CKY's drummer,) and mega-low budget video queen Misty Mundae. Between the individual videos is commentary from assorted band members and other insider types, who I can only assume are part of the "CKY Alliance" that is referred to throughout the thing. That's the first DVD.

The second DVD… well, the second DVD plays for about 45 seconds before my cheap-ass DVD player starts making a godawful racket. It then shuts down. So for all I know, it contains the next Night of the Living Dead. Judging from the first DVD, however, it's likely put together with the same solid pacing and exhaustive attention to trivia that fans of the band will most likely be thrilled with. Hell, it's better constructed than The Cure's Greatest Hits DVD, and they probably had a third of the budget. Good for the fans.

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