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Desert Sessions | 9 10 I See You Hearin Me | review | rock | Lollipop

Desert Sessions

9 & 10: I See You Hearin Me (Ipecac)
by Craig Regala

People involved: PJ Harvey, Josh Homme, Dean Ween, Twiggy Ramirez, Chris Goss, Josh Freese, Brian O'Connor, Joey Castillo, and more. You'll recognize the bands they've pulled a salary from, though it really won't clue you in, except for QOTSA, Ween, and PJ Harvey. But it'll give you an idea of the reality of writing and playing rock(ish) music. This certainly isn't any kind of throwaway "we're jammin' now, ain't we!" bullshit.

Not that it means fuck-all to anyone under a jillion years old, but this thing seems like some lost glam fuckery by a buncha folks who tooled in big-time bands when weirdness, hooks, grooved rock logic, novelty songs, and piano were all a "tight fit." Really. If you don't think Roxy Music, Sparks, Bowie, Alex Harvey, and somebody else haven't lent DNA to this via time machine, I'm puttin' you in time out. If you can cope with the width of the Ipecac label, this'll fit ya. I like it more than Ween, David Bowie, or Queens of the Stone Age.
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