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Lady Luck (Diamond Star)
By Brian Varney

Zilla... broad. These three ladies have chosen a very apt name for their band, since one look at 'em will confirm that they are unquestionably broads. Sheathed in leather and spikes, dolled-up but still slightly rough around the edges in that way only true rock'n'roll lifers can be, the drinking contests and bar-fights of past shows as plainly evident in their "Yeah? So fucking what?" expressions as if you were reading 'em straight off their resumes. Musically, they're a thuggish power trio that kinda reminds me of Smell the Magic-era L7 (yeah, I know it's lame and lazy to compare a female rock band to another, but the comparison is apt, I promise), and though the recording's a bit stiff and tentative, I hear they're unstoppable live. Put 'em on an all-power trio bill with Danko Jones & The Glasspack and I'll be there.
(PO Box 592 Royal Oak, MI 48068)


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