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Ad Frank | A Lotta Devotion | review | alternative | Lollipop

Ad Frank

A Lotta Devotion
by Jamie Kiffel

Mix Blondie with John Mayer, hop on a bike and chew some gum, and you might have Ad Frank. Funky with a slightly heartbroken voice and very '80s hooks, Frank is somewhere between folk, rock, and Talking Heads (but with far less synth). The drawbacks to this album are also its strengths: The title track is actually swiped from a previous album, and appears here in four versions. That's a strength because it's the best tune on the disc, and means that I don't have to press "repeat" on my stereo remote. As for second-best, "You've Been Walking Such a Fine Line Baby Such a Fine Line" is a new, cute and '70s poppy track, while "If I Find Another One of Your Bobby Pins in my Bed, I Am Coming By to Shove them Up Your Ass" has nothing but a breakup in common with the title - and thankfully, is easier to sing than the title is to read. As a whole, the disc is a fun listen and will surely be in heavy rotation in my collection. Of course, I'm also the sort who wears the same pants four days in a row because too much of a good thing is just more… good. That makes this CD pretty damn convenient.

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