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Young Sexy Assasins | May Day in the Garden of Memories | review | rock | Lollipop

Young Sexy Assassins

May Day in the Garden of Memories (Mister)
by Karl Giesing

Young Sexy Assassins consists of Dan Boucher (drums and percussion), John Manson (vocals and drum machine), Mark Pearson (guitar), and Justin Stratman (bass). Dan, John, and Mark are part of the tragically underrated scrap-rock group Neptune; Justin was part of dearly-departed Grand Island, and Duncan is a co-conspirator in Mister Records - which I guess makes this some sort of subterranean supergroup.

People who know the aforementioned groups will probably know what's coming: Noisy rock that's dissonant and sporadic, treading the grey areas between indie, hardcore, and art-rock. But this is by no means a bad thing, and there's no question that the lads are very good at what they do. The lyrics are written in an oblique, literary style that perfectly compliments the music. Each song tells a different story, but the major theme running throughout the album is the idealization of youthful promises, which are eventually crushed by age, mundanity, and futility. Standouts on the record are "Gentle Arc," "For Ever and Ever," "Secret Hut of Tears," and "Ghost Hand," but the whole record is well worth a listen. It's one of the best albums to come out of Boston in recent years, one that you'll still listen to years from now.


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