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Wolfmaster | Murder and Religion | review | electro | Lollipop


Murder and Religion
by Wa

If you have ever had a problem with organized religion, this is the CD for you! With his debut six-track EP, Tommy Joyner, aka Wolfmaster, unearths the numerous atrocities and blunders by the Christian church, supported by a Skinny Puppy/Type O Negative industrial/Goth compositional structure.

The opening track, "Rise of Evil," for example, outlines the unique political and social pressures that may have forced Constantine to embrace the Christian religion to secure his throne. While the lyrics are okay and thought-provoking, the cliché-heavy distorted voice begins to annoy and hides some of the more poignant lyrics. No guitars present, but some incredible drum programming and adequate keyboard work more than compensates. If you like Type O Negative, King Diamond, or The Electric Hellfire Club, you'll enjoy the moody musings of Wolfmaster.


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