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Wheat | Per Second Per Second Per Second Every Second | review | rock | Lollipop


Per Second Per Second Per Second... Every Second (Aware/Columbia)
by Tim Den

I am overwhelmed by deja vu as I listen to Wheat's long-awaited major label debut... what could it be? Let's look at the facts: Production/engineering handled by Dave Fridmann, major label debut after critically-acclaimed indie baby steps, what once was left-of-center pop songcraft now full-on radio hooks... By god, it's the second coming of Creeper Lagoon! The parallels couldn't be any more similar. Gone are the endearing lo-fi gems, replaced by sleek hooks and even sleeker sound quality, a bold leap into the Big Leagues in hopes of escaping the financial death that is indie rock. And just like Creeper Lagoon, Wheat have really piled on the sugary melodies in order to secure a support slot alongside John Mayer (which - sigh - they did). One listen to tracks such as "Some Days" (Jesus Jones/Rick Astley, anyone?) and "Can't Wash it Off" (glam rock riff coupled with "do you really want me/do you really want me/do you really want me/cuz IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII really really want you" as a chorus. YIKES) conjures up scary images of housewives dancing around the kitchen to the unnecessary abundance of falsettoed "oooo oooo"s spread all over the songs like herpe sores. It took Wheat four years to write this?

To be fair, the album is redeemed by a handful of strong cuts, particularly "I Met a Girl," "Breathe" (the album's best), and "Go Get the Cops." But will Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second reveal itself to be greater than its initial impact, like Creeper Lagoon's Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday did? It's anyone's guess, especially when songs with "yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH" ("World United Already") can either be catchy or extremely annoying depending on your mood. And don't even get me started on the remake of "Don't I Hold You." Two words: Congos and triangles.

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