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Down For Whatever (RCA)
by Ewan Wadharmi

This has nothing to do with the Saturn SUV and everything to do with bombastic bluesy garage rock. Vue as a five-piece melds raucous Stones struts with barrelhouse stomps. Rex Shelverton's great rock 'n' roll voice rails, howls, and finesses into center focus. Dirty harmonica runs and rollicking keys on "Babies Are for Petting" authenticate the street-walking sleaze. "Look Out for Traffic" proves that lovey-dovey Britpop doesn't require crybaby antics. The '80s references would've spiced up John Hughes' movies.

Frustration turns to Bowiesque release in "Do You Ever," while the agonizingly slow "Take Two Kisses" is sweet torture like Iggy Pop's "Dirt." All the dragging points to a well-deserved climax. "The Regret" is based loosely on "Tobacco Road" with the chord progression reversed, and a Kinks bridge inserted. Down for Whatever is the gritty stuff to make you all sorts of randy. And dirty enough that if the wife isn't down, you can take care of yourself. Whatever.


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