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Feed Me
by Scott Hefflon

Just a four-song EP for this novel New York metal band, but it's just enough to get the juices flowing. Melodic metal with violin and male/female singers has been done before, but it perks the ears every time. The male vocals are kinda grunty Celtic Frostian (meaning "circle of the tyr-uhhh!"), mostly cuz I don't think he can really sing, and the female singer is, well, operatic. Not cutesy/breathy, but ballsy, sireny, and not always, like, hitting the right note. Seeing as people seem to actually like Lacuna Coil instead of poking around a little to find a few dozen more interesting, more skilled bands very similar (who are also hot), Tzefa could really be onto something. Band members originally hail from Ukraine, Latvia, and Russia, and there's a bit of "old world folk" involved here, amidst the garage-quality spooky '80s metal riffing.

Far as I can tell, you can download all four songs for free from the band's site, and it appears they're restructuring and regrouping, with new material due soon. Feed Me came out in 2002, and ya gotta give a band space to grow, especially one with twinkling good ideas that just needs time and practice to polish them.

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