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Tokyo Rose | Reinventing a Lost Art | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Tokyo Rose

Reinventing a Lost Art (Sidecho)
by Lauren Bussard

With their full-length debut, Reinventing a Lost Art, these four boys from New Jersey have broken out of the Garden State and made their music beloved by the rest of the country. They definitely excel at playing catchy emotional pop-rock, but even better, the forces behind their tunes are incredibly intense and way more compelling than the rest of the carbon-copy bands that often play this kind of music. What I really noticed about them though, aside from their energy, is the unusual quality of vocalist Ryan Dominguez' voice. We all know how much I love the smooth, slightly whiny singing style of most pop-punk vocalists, but instead, Dominguez uses vibrato and tonal range like no one else, which makes me love him too. It makes every song completely gripping, and the wild crash of the instruments in the background is like the icing on Tokyo Rose's cake.
(1215 N. Red Gum St. #L Anaheim, CA 92806)  

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