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The Weakerthans

Reconstruction Site (Epitaph)
by Tim Den

The Weakerthans are to other rock bands what a dog-eared philosophy book is to junk mail. There are issues harbored in their bosom; intellect wrapped in humble introspection and self-discipline. Ironic to see a Canadian folk/Americana (ha!)/alt-country band be the only ones left carrying the deserved torch of "punk rock," but hell, I'll take sincerity and honesty as much as I can these days.

Framed, as ever, by guitarist/vocalist John Samson's fragile narratives, Reconstruction Site is a bit more upbeat than The Weakerthan's two previous releases, without losing any sophistication. You can't help but wonder if this is where indie rock, American hardcore, and '60s rebellion singer/ songwriters come together to give birth to an all-powerful force: One that embodies each genre's best ethics, freedom of mind, elastic structures, and immediacy. The Weakerthans make you cry, contemplate "modern living," rouse your fighting spirit against The Man, and sing along at the same time. Remember the way you screamed with your Black Flag records? The way you sang Billy Bragg songs in your car? This is both, and arriving in this bleak world at a no better time. May The Weakerthans be our guiding light.
(2798 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026)


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