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The Telegenic | review | rock | Lollipop

The Telegenic

by Brian Varney

Bar-band pop-rock with an anthemic streak, the kinda band that wants to cross the pop horse-sense of "Jessie's Girl" (a song which I love with all of my being) with the grandiosity of Bruce Springsteen. Which, I suppose, is a pretty damned noble ambition, the one problem being the presence of Bruce Springsteen in the equation. I don't wanna say there's nothing good to be glommed from his music 'cause he's been around a long time and means a great deal to a lotta people so he's gotta be doing something right, but you're still treading dangerous ground invoking his name. Dancing in the dark is right 'cause you're about three seconds away from getting sucked into a supernova of suck at any given moment, some of the more unpleasant results being folks like Bono and the fuck in Creed. Luckily, The Telegenic manage to avoid this particular pitfall most of the time. However, they never quite reach the heights of "Jessie's Girl," either. They're still young, though, and I wouldn't mind checking 'em out next time they hit the studio.

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