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The Sullied | Meltdown | review | rock | Lollipop

The Sullied

by Scott Hefflon

No, this is not a solo record for Sully, the singer of Godsmack. Thank god. It's also not the hard rock/nü metal dark slab of trudge it appears to be. Again, thank god. While many of the songs are heavy, they're heavy in a King's X way, not heavy in a "we base all our songs off the parts of Pantera songs we can actually play" way. Sully can sing. Sully's got a lot of soul for a long-haired white guy. Ranging from grunge rock to prog rock (the first meaning it's dark and moody, passionate and tuneful, the latter meaning there are jam breaks and a bit of wankery going on, but it's not artsy showing off, it's just that these guys can play, and we're kinda not used to hearing that if we listen to, like Creed, Good Charlotte, or Nickleback or anything else that never deviates from the rhythm formula it makes clear within 30 seconds), The Sullied play a little thing called "well-played rock," and, while it shouldn't be, that's a real rarity these days.

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