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The Suggestions | Mix Tape | review | alternative | punk | Lollipop

The Suggestions

Mix Tape
by Lauren Bussard

Mix Tape is the debut album from The Suggestions, although it's the second release from frontman John Brodeur, whose 2000 solo CD marked the beginning of The Suggestions' giant leap into the power-pop world. Indeed, Mix Tape is a joyride of clear and well-executed vocals, powerful and precise melodies, and lyrics that are emotional without being sickeningly sappy. My favorite song is "Be True," which showcases gorgeous vocals over an entrancing, melancholy beat.

Really though, I like this CD because it's soothing without putting me to sleep; The Suggestions' soft, bouncy songs remind me of The Shins' latest album (which is my current obsession - go out and get it immediately!) plus the intensity of Elliot Smith (minus the depression).

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